2. Description of the System

The following part is intended to give user an insight on how to use the system and access different features and system components.

2.1. Login

Open the browser and type the following address: http://www. hrhis.moh.go.tz then a page similar to the one shown in the image below will be displayed whereby a user will be required to type in their correct username and password. In the instance where one does not have a username or password please see register information following next. This system works best with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera browsers. From here on, the use of the word “browser” will refer to above mentioned web browsers only.


fig 1.1: Image showing login Interface.

Upon successful login, a user will be directed to the page with the menu on the left hand side through which he can access various parts of the system (see figure 1.3 below). However on unsuccessful login an error message will be displayed (see figure 1.2 below) and you will be required to re-type the username and password.


fig 1.2: Image showing error message displayed on unsuccessful login.


fig 1.3: Image showing HRHIS home page on successful Login.

2.2. Register

In the case where one does not have a username or password, they will be required to first register themselves in order to have an account in the system. To do so; besides the login page, there is a register tab. On selecting it, a page similar to one shown below (Figure 1.4 below) will appear requesting the new user to fill in all required details and submit them by clicking the “Register” button. After doing so an email to activate the account will be sent to the users email account provided during registration; and the registering user will be prompted to visit their email and follow link sent for activating their account. These steps so far, will enable for an account to be created but access to information already in the system will still not be possible until verification of user is done by the help desk team who will then assign new user to an organization unit for complete registration.


fig 2.1: Image showing Register Page for new user.

2.3. Forgot password

In the instance where a user forgot his password, the “Forgot my Password?” link on the login page is there to assistance. On clicking the link a user will be sent to a page as shown in the Figure 3.1 and required to provide either a username or email address used initially during registration. After that the user can click the “reset password” button to reset password. A prompt will appear on the page informing that an email has been sent to his particular email account for resetting password. The user can login into his email to follow a link sent to his email and click the attached link to get a HRHIS page for setting a new password.


fig 3.1: Image showing required details for resetting password.

2.4. Home page

On successful login, a user is directed to the Home Page which consists of the main menu on the left side and dashboard charts in the middle. At the top most part of the system you will have on your left a home icon to denote the home page while on the left side will be today’s date, a message icon with the number of un read messages in red, a help button- which contains this help manual and the name of the user currently accessing the system


fig 4.1: User Home Page displaying interactive components.

2.4.1. Message feature

This feature enables user to interact with each other, and with a technical team of HRHIS for instant support. To write a new message simply select the message button and click on options of either “create a new message” or “create a feedback”. Feedback is used to keep in touch with all the technical team of HRHIS while create new message user is required to select to whom the message should be sent- recipient. A recipient in this case could be an individual or all users in a given organization unit.


fig 4.2: Image showing different message options.

2.4.2. User profile

User profile enables a user to view their profile, customize dashboard reports, view settings, change user password or log out of the system. To access the user profile click on the username and a drop down list as seen in the diagram will appear.


fig 4.3: Image showing User Profile options.